A Guide to Picking the Right Dog Bed Size

Just like us, our pets also deserve a cozy bed and have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to snooze at the end of a long day. How do you pick or choose the right dog bed size for your pup when there are so many options to look for online and offline? To add more, dog beds can be simple, fancy, expensive and even there are therapeutic beds for treating the symptoms of arthritis, and everything in between. So there is definitely a bed made for every pet.

Pet beds for dogs

When it comes to finding the right dog bed, the most obvious consideration is the right size. Also important is to factor in their personality, health issues, their sleeping pattern and style, and the available space in your house. It goes without saying that one size does not fit all and you should shop for your dog’s size. However, every dog has different requirements, buying the right bed might seem like a gamble. You might have several questions in your mind, like “How to choose a dog bed size?”, “How to measure for a dog bed?”, “What size of the dog bed do I need?” or “Is it necessary to have a dog bed?”

Don't stress about it too much, the answer lies with you- after all, no one is more familiar with your dog than you are. Keep an eye on them, and observe them for a few days. Those hints will help you with choosing the perfect size and type of bed. Usually, dogs prefer cooler areas during the day and they may seek comfort and warmth at night. Or during the current pandemic, they may not always prefer your company or to stay around people and need a secluded quiet corner of their own. Buying a dog bed with hot and cold packs can help you and these stands more applicable than otherwise. Caldera dog beds provide both cooling and soothing effects to overheated or arthritic dogs respectively. You can simply switch between hot and cold depending on factors like temperature, fur, or any underlying medical conditions. We also have narrowed down the beds with different sizes with their specifications to make it easy for you to select just what you are looking for.

How to choose a Dog bed size?

Here are some tips to find out what size your dog will need while keeping in mind extra requirements like extra padding, therapy packs, and more.

heated dog beds

Tip #1: Note their sleeping position

It is important to note how your dog sleeps, some dogs like to sprawl out, while others prefer to curl up like a ball. Measure them in their sleeping position to determine the bed length. Spending some time to know their preferences will help you determine the bed choice in which your dog won’t feel cramped or as if falling off it.

Tip #2: Measure and weigh

Be aware that only following one point may result in the wrong choice. Measure and weigh them as every dog has totally different body dimension and weight. A large dog will require a sturdy construction and a more durable and chew-resistant bed. To take the correct measurements, you need to make your dog stand up straight and use a measuring tape to check the following:

● Measure from the nose to the back where the tail begins.

● Measure the front legs from the shoulder to the floor.

● And the same for rear legs.

Tip #3: Sleeping style

Most bed sizes work when your dog is small and likes to sleep in a curled-up position, as long as you don’t pick a bed that’s too small. If your dog likes to keep themself warm and feel safe, they will love Caldera’s Pet Beds with therapeutic gel packs fitted inside. Don’t worry, we have all sizes and you will definitely find the best match for your older dog requiring a larger bed. For dogs who like to stretch out when sleeping should also get full comfort with a lot of extra room to provide them support and also help them with their medical conditions or joint problems.

Tip #4: Find out if your pet has any special requirements.

Does your dog have any allergies? Do they have any medical conditions? Do they suffer from back or joint pain? Think of all the possible things that can impact their comfort.

If your dog is getting older or experiencing joint pain, they will benefit from extra padding, support, and warmth. While some dogs with arthritis or other types of chronic pain may prefer to sleep on a cold surface. You can select the bed with the right size to give them the comfort and support they need rather than opting for a fancy or a standard bed.

Finally, when choosing a bed you will need to consider your dog’s sleeping habits, breed, age, and any health problems? How do they like to sleep- curled up or sprawled out? You will obviously want to look for a bed that is the right size and is easily cleanable and will last a long time. When in doubt, you can always opt for a larger size. A bigger bed won’t hurt and you won’t have to compromise on your money as well. Alternatively, you can add a cover to it and buy extra cushions and blankets as per your convenience.

What type of bed will be ideal for my dog?

Beds come in all sizes and it totally depends on your dogs if they like to curl up or lay flat on the floor. Each dog will have their preference, but always be sure that the bed you are choosing is comfy. Some shapes, such as rectangular beds with rounded corners will allow your dog to really snooze down while keeping them warm and protected. Check if those are made from good material and the dog bed is easily washable.

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