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    Pet Therapy Handling Tips: How to Safely Help Your Pet Get by in Times of Pain such as Injuries

    Our pets are some of the dearest companions in our lives, and looking after them is like looking after your own family. We feed them in time, take them on walks, play with them, cuddle with them. They are often an extension of us, and they stand by us in our hard times. Hence, it is only fair that we give them back as much as we can, especially in their own times of need such as pain and injuries. They feel as much pain as we humans do, often more, and this becomes hard for them because they cannot talk. It is up to us to see how they feel, read their actions, and care for them appropriately. Pet therapy helps them recover efficiently, and is recommended by almost all major vets.


    pet therapy wraps for dogs

    Pet Therapy: The Terminology Confusion


    Pet therapy is often confused between two different types of therapy: one where pets are provided with therapy when they are injured physically or mentally. Another is where pets are used as therapy animals for humans who are in physical or mental pain. Both of these sound so same, people often mistake one for another. For the sake of simplification, we must remember that pet therapy means therapy we provide to our own pets, whereas the one where animals help in human therapy can be called as animal therapy, for companion animals is often not pets of humans they help treat, but only provided for therapeutic needs.


    How to Handle Personal Pet Therapy


    Many pet owners leave their pets in hands of professional animal therapists in such cases, meaning they often miss out on how to personally offer therapy for pets. Now, the type of pet therapy needed really depends on the reason why your pet needs therapy. Is it because of a traumatic accident involving something extreme such as permanent injury? Is it because your pet is recovering from surgery? Is it because your pet has grown too old to be comfortable in normal conditions? The type of therapy required always differs based on these three conditions.


    In the case of traumatic incidents, pets need to be handled with extreme care. Just because it did not ever behave wildly before does not mean it will be the same post-injury. Pets, especially dogs and cats often become agitated and aggressive due to extreme fear after encountering a traumatic event. In such cases, therapy should start with professional care from professional vet therapists. After a few instances of treatment, they can be shifted to full-time care under the pet owner with they following strict instructions as mentioned by the pet therapist.


    In case of recovery from injuries and surgeries, pets need to be rested enough so that their injuries heal quickly. Pet therapy wraps are available which can be applied to them if the pain gets a bit on the higher side, and those therapy wraps will help keep pain in check. Limit their physical activity, and plan a proper diet that will help them get nutrients faster for quick recovery. It is recommended only to use cold wraps in case of external injuries as hot body wraps can injure the affected area.

    In the case of old age, these pets need to be taken as much care as you would take of an injured pet, especially in the case of old dogs and cats. Although they don’t move around often when they are well into old age, they need to be taken care of properly, even more so than a normal pet. Buy them an orthopedic bed so that their tired old joints can get a good night’s sleep. Take them out on short walks to keep their joints and muscles active. Apply frequent hot therapy wraps on joints and weak areas because muscle strain and muscle sprains are common issues in old age. Proper care must be taken not to over-exercise them.


    Other Care Instructions


    In addition to these, you also need to look after your pets and look into their behaviors and report any strange changes to the doctor, while taking precautions yourself. For example, if your dog has suddenly become aggressive after injury, and started biting random people, using a muzzle to cover their mouth is sadly the only way to temporarily calm their violent nature. If your pet gets sick very frequently or keeps vomiting and has a loss of appetite, you need to immediately show the pet to your vet before conditions worsen. Many times, physical injuries don’t have an immediate side effect, and they only show up after some time. For best results, get a complete checklist of what all you need to do for your pet, from your vet doctor. He/she will offer recommendations, and in case of discrepancies and emergencies, you can take your pet for a checkup again.

    Difference Between Cold Gel Packs, Instant Cold Packs, and Ice Packs

    Heat and cold therapy are widely accepted forms of self-treatment for pains, sprains, and swellings. Some of us use them once in a while when we need them, while many of us use them frequently for treatment against long term pains and internal strains. We have hot cold gel packs, instant cold packs, heat therapy, cryotherapy and many more to help us get rid of such conditions. What started out as ice and steam water treatment hundreds of years ago has now evolved into more convenient forms of therapy that we use now. Today, we will be looking at major differences between three common forms of cold treatment: cold gel packs, instant cold packs, and ice packs.


    Cold Gel Packs


    Gel packs are not specific to just cold treatment; they can also be heated to be used as heat treatment, making them a two-way solution for almost any kind of body pain and muscle strain and sprains. Gel packs generally are reusable, so they can be used multiple times, as much as recommended by the manufacturer. Gels are encased by durable plastic casings that can bear both heat and cold, and the gel packs themselves are affixed inside therapy wraps. They are generally good for long term use by people who require frequent applications of therapy wraps, both in cold and hot variants.


    A major disadvantage of cold gel packs is that they need to be prepped before they can be used. So, they are not really useful if there is an immediate emergency. Gel packs need to be put into a freezer so that they can be cooled, and it can take some time before they are ready. This also makes them highly unsuitable for portable usage or outdoor use in areas with no access to a freezer. Cold gel packs and regular gel packs, in general, are usually recommended for therapeutic use by doctors and healthcare professionals.


    Instant Cold Packs


    Instant cold packs are a recent invention and a game-changer at that. They have a special chemical mix, usually with two separate chambers with one containing water and another containing ammonium nitrate. Both these packs are separated via a thin divider. When the pack is broken, both these substances mix, creating a violent endothermic reaction that instantly turns the entire mixture very cold. The scope of the reaction is not truly visible outside the pack as it happens all too quickly. Instant cold packs are great for use when outdoors, and in emergency cases where instant treatment is required. These packs stay cold for at least 10+ minutes, so they are enough for a quick treatment.


    A major disadvantage is that they are single-use. That means once they have served their purpose, they are practically useless and need to be disposed of. While instant ice packs are good for immediate use, they are also suitable only for occasional or emergency use. Anyone who needs to have cold therapy almost every day will find instant ice packs impractical due to their single-use aspect. Plus, there is only an instant cold pack, not an instant heat pack, so one cannot use those for heat treatments in any possible way.


    Solid Ice Packs


    Solid ice packs use the old school way of cold treatment by using regular ice, which is solidified water. They are conventional, don’t require a trip to the local chemist or pharmacy to buy, and are entirely homemade. One needs to simply freeze water into ice cubes, place some of those ice cubes in a pack or wrap in a cloth or bag and applied to the affected area where cold therapy is required. If you have a habit of frequently storing ice cubes in freezers, then they can also act as instant packs for home use in case of an emergency such as minor burns, muscle pains, and body pains.


    A major disadvantage of the ice pack is that they are not tailored for specific body parts, meaning applying them can be quite uncomfortable, especially for long periods of time. Plus, ice melts away slowly over time, so you are bound to have a soaked mess of wrap or bag after all the ice has melted into water. There are specific bags that store melted water which can refreeze into ice later, but it all takes time to do so. Another major disadvantage is that ice packs require time to form, even more than the time required to cool a gel pack. Plus, they cannot be taken outdoors or use portably like instant ice packs or even gel packs.


    In short, we can see that each of these three forms of cold treatment have their own set of disadvantages, but taking the ratio of advantages and disadvantages into consideration, it can be safely said that gel packs are the best possible option, especially for home use and indoor use.

    Offers on Sports Wrap. Does it really work?

    Sports wraps- also known as therapeutic wraps are used for many injuries and ailments. They are a common staple in first aid procedures and often found in first aid kits. So it is beneficial to get sports wraps on great offers, they are typically at great discounts at Caldera International with the best possible value for money so that our customers don’t have to think twice before placing an order with us.


    There is a saying that busy people get more done. But if your calendar has no white space to relax and spend your hard-earned money to treat yourself in the expensive spas, you may want to look closer at the wide range of sports wraps offers and neck rest deals we are offering at Caldera. At any age, participation in sports and other extracurricular activities should not stop you from striving for the time spent in play and competition. And many of you might have used or are willing to use sports wrap or Neck rest, might have thought to yourself “Do those really work?” or “I wonder if this will actually help me to get relief from aches, pains or cramps?”


    Most commonly, people want to know how these sports wrap works and are they really appropriate for their condition. 


    So are sports wraps useful for aches, pains, splints, achilles tendinitis, and strains?


    The answer is yes, however, they will not cure any condition if the only thing you are doing to help your condition is wearing a sports wrap. All the injuries should be assessed so that the real cause can be addressed. Wearing sports wraps can help your injury to feel better as you are recovering, help get you through that last long run before your marathon or possibly prevent a new injury from coming on. Proper rest, massage, stretching should be considered before treating any injury.


    What if you are not injured, can you still benefit from sports wrap, its offers, and deals?


    Absolutely, increased blood flow is going to help improve your performance and decrease the rate of fatigue of your muscles. It will also help you to recover quicker, meaning that you will be ready for your next workout so that you can train harder.


    Ice therapy- what it does and when to use it?


    Ice is one of the simplest, safest and most effective self-care techniques in using sports wraps for injury, pain, and discomfort in muscles and joints. Ice sports wrap will decrease muscle spasms, pain, and inflammation to the bone and soft tissue. You can use ice therapy initially at the sight of discomfort, pain or injury. Or can also apply in later stages of rehabilitation of injuries or chronic (long-term) problems.


    There are many advantages of buying hot and cold sports wraps on offers. We are listing some of the benefits of cold sports wraps, during an initial injury tissue damage can cause uncontrolled swelling. This swelling can increase the damage of the initial injury and delay the healing time. If you use the ice therapy sports wrap it will reduce the amount of swelling. As ice decreases all of these: swelling, tissue damage, blood clot formation, muscle spasm, and pain. At the same time, the ice enhances the flow of nutrients into the area, aids the removal of metabolites or waste products, increases strength and promotes healing.


    Why do Ice Sports Wrap after a workout?


    To take full benefits of your sports wrap bought on offer from Caldera International, we advise you to use them after exercise and not before. It is believed that the use of ice was only beneficial in the first 24 hours of an injury. During the initial stage of an acute injury (during 24-48 hours), or during the chronic stage (after 48 hours) ice can be very beneficial in promoting wellness.


    How to care for a sore lower back?


    If you are struggling with a lower back pain chances are you are looking for a solution A.S.A.P. On the top of being uncomfortable, a sore lower back can hinder you from completing daily activities. With this in mind, it’s good to know some ways to relieve lower back pain. Both ice and heat are helpful, but knowing which lower back therapy method to use can make a huge difference in how soon you start feeling better.


    Icing a sore lower back- For mild injuries and conditions such as arthritis, ice wraps are one of the best ways to relieve lower back pain. In fact, ice is best within the first 24-48 hours of injury as it reduces the inflammation. When icing is sure to cover the wrap with a towel. Placing ice directly on the skin can lead to frostbite and other issues.


    Heating a sore lower back- Applying heat to your lower back is one of the best ways to relieve lower back pain from muscle strain and overexertion. In fact, muscle strain is a tension within the muscles and the soft tissues within the lower spine. Heat sports wrap therapy can help improve circulation, relax muscles and the body begins repairing the damage.

    Top 5 Reasons to Take Immediate Advantage of Our Caldera Sales and Offer Lists

    If you have shopped on our website and bought items, then you know how strict we are when it comes to quality, pricing and customer service. As these three are the backbone of any company, whether online or offline, we at Caldera value it a lot for this is only what drives our business and brings back customers for a second or third round of purchases. Our diverse listing of products such as sports wraps, neck rest wraps, ice packs, and pet beds means customers get many options and types of products to choose from.



    We have always provided our products at competitive prices that offer the best possible value for money for our customers. But even then, we decided to host occasional sales and provide offers so that our customers can get the very best from us at the lowest possible prices. There are sports wrap offers, best pet bed offers for 2020, cool online neck rest deals and other sales. Here are 5 reasons why you should immediately take advantage of a Caldera sale:


    1. Same Product at Lower Price


    Of course, the biggest reason to buy from us during sales is lowered prices, where we sell limited products at lower than market rates. Considering the quality of the items we sell, there is possibly no better deal for those products anywhere else on the internet. With the lowered price, you can save sizeable amounts of money on regular MRP, no matter whether they are online neck rest deals or sports wraps offer lists.



    2. Buy More for Less


    Another benefit of lower prices is that you can buy a lot more products from us while spending less money than regular MRP. For example, your original plan was to purchase a large pet bed, which retails at $99.99 at our regular MRP. Suppose you wanted to buy 2, or even 3. That shall set you back by around $300, which although value for money for our products, may still be a high cost for some. But with the same item retailing at roughly $70 in the sale, you can actually buy 4 for $280 and still have $20 to spare! You get more items for the same price you were willing to spend earlier. If you plan to buy multiple products, you can snap it all off during one of our many sales. But we’d recommend you to hurry, for our sales offers are as limited as our stocks; once it’s gone, the sale will be up until we decide to set up new pet bed offers for 2020 at a later date.


    3. Same Guarantee as Regular 


    We offer a limited warranty on some of our products, along with other conditions that you can find on our respective product listing pages. Many retailers choose to take out warranty clauses when they offer products at sale because it allows them to ship an item at lower costs while still making huge profit margins. But we at caldera won’t do such a thing; most of our items on sale are honored by their original return and warranty policies. For more details on warranty and return policies, you can visit check the related links on our website. Please do understand that factory seconds items are not eligible for warranty or return; refer to the terms and conditions for more information.


    4. The Caldera Trust


    Our brand is well known; in fact, there are many counterfeit items being sold on Amazon with our brand name but at lower prices. Sure, they’ll be cheap, because they are not original Caldera products and don’t have the quality and durability that our original products are known for. With caldera sale offers, you get access to original Caldera products with all our quality, at an unbeatable price. For genuine Caldera products, we would advise you to buy Caldera branded products only from our own website.


    5. The Caldera Quality


    Okay, this is not a reason specific to why you should buy from us during sales, but it is generally applicable to why you should buy from us at all. Caldera products are rigorously tested and checked for any kind of manufacturing and durability defects before they are shipped to customers. We do two-stage checks; once during the manufacturing process and once before our products are packed for shipping to customers. This ensures that only the best quality products that are sufficient to be of Caldera quality are only shipped. We believe that customers should not be given a chance to complain, and the best way to do it is by offering top quality products and accompanying it with reliable and trusted after-sales service. This is why we have a lot of returning customers who choose to buy from us rather than from any competing stores.

    Give it a try at Caldera with amazing deals & offers

    Who doesn’t like great deals and offers? And when there are offers on necessary items which help you in day to day. When everyone is spending their hard earned money on spas, be a different one; walk away from these expensive grinds and instead opt for great deals on online neck rest. Everyone from executives to athletes are always in a lookout to try anything that makes them feel better. That makes this the perfect time to plunge on one of the great offers that you can avail at Caldera International in 2020.

    Caldera International offers the same wellness services and quality products at the best possible price as compared to other pricier destinations.

    Here are some brief descriptions of product on offers that might help you:

    Give your pets the comfort: pet bed offers 2020

    How do you pick the right pet bed for your pup when there are so many in the market? Does your pooch even need a pet bed? Should you spend money on a pet bed when your dog is happy lying on the floor?

    There are plenty of benefits of having a pet bed. They can be used for napping around the day or night. And unlike a couch or your bed, they will have a space all to themselves. Unlike the floor the bed will keep your pet warm, support arthritic joint and support calluses.

    Pet bed shops focus more on style and make pet beds as fancy as a wrought-iron frame with a lace canopy. You should consider your budget, style, preference and functionality while keeping things minimal,simple and practical. If your dog is old and with medical needs, pet beds are the way to go. Heated beds maintain the body temperature. These can be very beneficial for winters and pets suffering from arthritis joint.

    Let’s face it, no matter how much you vacuum or sweep it is not always the cleanest place to take a nap. Giving your companion a pet bed will help him keep clean.

    And we at Caldera International take major focus on serving you the best, while keeping the comfort of your pets in mind. Our pet beds offers for 2020 include the range of entire pet beds on a discount of 30%.

    The safest and the most useful: Sports wrap offers 2020

    A muscle cramp or a chronic pain hit suddenly without any warning? No worries, Caldera International has everything covered for you. Our therapeutic wraps provide full coverage from injury prevention and in case you have been injured these will help you with quick recovery. Sports wraps can help you when you don’t want to be left off-guard when a pain or injury strikes. So we recommend you to gear up before, add these sports wrap in your cart and get ready to roll without any worries. These sport therapy wraps come with an adjustable belt to hold the wrap firmly at the place. Our sports wraps are especially tailored to exactly fit any body part for which they are designed. Use warm or cold depending on your concern, can assist with relief of aches, pains and stress. This means these can start benefiting you from the time it reaches your door!

    Even if you are not into heavy duty sports or exercise, you might end up having any injury. A sprained ankle is the most common issue in almost any age or any group whether you are a working professional or an athlete. Our XT- 360, can be applied universally in most of the cases, completely covering your affected area for a complete healing process. These sports wraps come in many variants depending on your concern you can choose from the following:

    • 360 wrap for Back and Ribs
    • 360 wrap for Shoulder, Hip & Glute
    • 360 wrap for Ankle,Foot & Elbow
    • 360 wrap for Leg, Arm & Groin
    These four variants are professionally tailored to provide you with the best of the experience, so that they can engulf with what the need is. Even if you are not into heavy duty sports or exercise, you might end up having any injury. A sprained ankle is the most common issue in almost any age or any group whether you are a working professional or an athlete.


    Stuck? Get Deals Online on Neck Rest

    Slept in the same position and now not able to move your neck? It is quite common, depending on the severity you should be taking immediate action. Neck pain can become severe if not treated well. It can end up radiating into your shoulders and down your arm and may cause you to wake up with a headache or stiff neck. So having a neck rest with great deals is pretty important.

    A neck rest is specifically designed to give your head and neck a support while providing good posture. So shop now before it gets sold.



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