How often should you change your dog’s bed?

When was the last time you washed your dogs pet bed? Do you know when to toss the accessories? Although these things are easy to overlook, a clean pet bed is important for a healthy happy dog. In addition to keeping their surroundings clean, pet owners may need to clean or toss certain pet supplies.

For instance, pets come in contact with a lot of different types of bacteria and dust particles by going out or coming in contact with other dogs. This will lead to an increased risk for your dog and pet beds being one of the most used place can result in unwanted bacteria. Your dog will obviously not know about this and will carry on happily but a dirty dog bed can pose a health risk by giving way to bacteria and other parasites such as fleas and mites. These same pathogens can negatively affect humans as well.

How do you know it’s time to change your dog’s bed?

Even if you bathe your dog regularly, it is important that you wash your dog bed. It's easy to end up choosing the wrong material or texture which unfortunately should be replaced with a washable pet beds for dogs. We have listed below some of the instances which point to the fact that your pet bed needs to be replaced:

1. It has started emitting foul smell even after washing and using air fresheners around.

2. It is a lot hairy than your dog.

3. The dog is constantly sick without any reason.

4. No one likes to be around the pet bed.

5. Even your dog has started avoiding it and has taken to sleeping on your side.

Our washable pet beds for dogs are a smart choice at a great value. These will last you for years and years. If you choose a washable bed, it will make your life a lot easier as well as ensuring that your pet is not snoozing around your bed. Not only will they get a clean and tidy place to sleep, these washable pet beds for dogs at Caldera also come with hot and cold therapy gel packs to provide a cooling or soothing effect so that they get a comfortable sleep in no time.

How often should we wash a dog bed?

Let’s face the fact, even after washing, sweeping, or vacuuming your floors, would you call it the cleanest place to take a nap? If your dog spends most of the time outdoors, it can track mud and dirt from outside onto his sleeping place, so you should plan to wash it more frequently. You may also need to have a backup bed on hand to rotate so that when one bed is on the wash, the other bed can be used in its place with less of a hassle. Most beds can be covered with removable liners or other features that make them easy to clean. Choose a material that can withstand wear and tear as it will become markedly easy for you to clean with a hand roller or vacuum.

Dog beds need to be washed routinely at least once a week to keep them clean and smelling fresh as it will not only minimize smell but also keep your dog clean and healthy. The washing frequency also depends on how much your dog’s fur sheds and how much they stay outdoors. In general, if you don’t want to take the toll of washing the bed regularly you can simply place a cover on it and wash it every few weeks.

How to clean a dog’s bed?

For washing dog beds, look for detergents that are safe for pets- typically perfume-free and mild. Avoid using any harsh chemicals and never use any kind of bleaching products as it can damage the fabric. For instructions on washing and taking care of the bed, you can read the label to determine how to clean it, whether to hand wash or machine wash it, or use hot water or normal. Also, check if it has a foam insert in it.

It is recommended that you hand wash it in the bathtub with lukewarm water and mild detergent. If your dog sometimes snoozes on your sheets, then the same rules apply.

Keeping bed clean in between washes is the key!

Other than washing it weekly, you can vacuum your dog’s bed every other day to remove any unwanted dog hair or dirt. If you are looking for additional ways to keep your dog’s bed clean and fresh between washes, take care of your dog’s bath regularly, and don’t forget the sheets or cover you add to it.

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