Are Heated Pet Beds Safe For Your Dog?

With many products available online for your dogs, you might be looking for something to keep them warm and comfortable. It is extremely important that you choose the appropriate option that is safe and meets the specific needs of your dog. The good new is there are plenty of options for your dogs’ bed. As the weather gets cooler, your dog can benefit greatly from a heated dog bed. These can make the coldest months for your pet so much more comfortable, and it is also a great option if your dog is getting older or has health conditions that may affect his comfort levels.

heated pet beds

With a wide range of options, owners often have some questions when it comes to purchasing a heated bed for their dog. Is it safe or if it’s even worth investing in? The truth is heated dog beds can benefit dogs by keeping your pup cozy as some are susceptible to the cold and may appreciate a warm bed for the winter. Additionally, smaller dogs might require some extra warmth as they lose body heat more quickly and the older dogs appreciate extra warmth for both comfort as well as the fact that it soothes their joints.

What is the safest option in a heated bed for my Dog?

Heated dog beds come in many categories, which allows you to pick one that is suitable for your pet. Caldera’s Pet Beds come with therapy gel packs that can be used separately or added to the existing bed to increase warmth and comfort. These don’t contain any electrical heating element and don’t need to be plugged into an outlet. You don’t have to worry about chew-resistant chords and these come with nylon outer fabric that is easy to maintain. It is important that when you are buying a heated bed make sure it is chew and scratch-resistant so that your dog is safe from any injuries.

Pet beds with therapy gel packs are safe as these don’t have to be plugged and prove to be very effective if used correctly. These contain packs that are filled with gels that are intended to hold the heat as long as possible. It is recommended that you always test the heat. A good safe way to check is if you are able to maintain direct skin contact with it before you place the heated bed for your dog. As always, make sure to follow any safety directions on the product to avoid any possible injuries.

Ideally, you can provide a layer of safety between your pet and the heating pad. But if you choose Caldera’s pet bed you don’t need to worry about adding that extra layer as the material used in making is durable and provides the desired temperature relief your pet requires.

What to keep in mind while investing in a heated dog bed?

Therapeutic benefits

The heating bed will help your pet maintain its optimal body temperature, which is especially important in older dogs. They may suffer from arthritis or just general aches, circulation issues, and pains or other conditions that affect their joints as we encounter as we grow older. The beds can help them soothe the aches and pains while providing comfort and making it an ideal place to rest.

Keeping them warm during winters

Not every dog is blessed with a thick fur coat to keep them warm during the winter. Even the fur is not enough when the temperatures sink below zero. These days, your dogs will benefit from heated beds. Even if you provide them with jackets, these won’t keep them warm enough for extended durations. Make sure that you prepare their bed equipped with a heating pad so that they will be able to stay warm through even the coldest winter nights.

Easy to maintain and durable material

Dogs tend to scratch the material, eat treats and rub their ears or vomit and some may end up urinating on them. It is important that the pet bed material is completely washable and is durable to sustain many washes over time.

Care and Safety Tips for your Dogs

  1. Cold weather is usually hard on old dogs, along with using the heat beds you should be mindful of keeping a healthy exercise regime during winters for at least 20 minutes a day without overdoing it.
  2. If your pet shows signs of discomfort associated with joints, you should take them to their vet or make sure that your pet is getting enough care to keep them warm and at comfort as the drop in temperature can aggravate such issues like joint stiffness and arthritis.
  3. When using pet beds for the first time, supervise your pet for several uses to monitor if they are comfortable and adapting to their new bed. Check the temperature always so that they can enjoy safe contact with the temperature.

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