Features of the Best Travel Neck Rest for Traveling

A good neck rest is the perfect travel companion. Travel neck rest is one of the most important accessories for people who love traveling and invest in those things which ensure a comfortable trip. A memory foam travel neck rest keeps the neck straight. It means, your airways are not obstructed, preventing sleep apnea and snoring. With so many travel neck rest available on the market place, you can not just rely on any neck rest. Finding the perfect one for you, not all neck rest are created equally- there are many different designs created to serve different needs of different travelers and they come in different shapes, sizes, and filling.

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Fortunately, Caldera has an all-in-one solution for you. Releaf Neck Rest is incredibly effective for providing support for the on-the-go travelers. If you are flying or traveling with a pre-existing condition causing your neck pain or you start feeling neck pain after a flight, you should understand how a several-hours flight can impact your neck and spine. Caldera’s neck rest wraps your neck in its memory foam arms to create a protective layer on your neck. As it provides so much padding under your chin and at the back of your neck, your head is prevented from slipping forwards or backward when you nod off while traveling. You won’t have to crane your neck at all for it to feel completely supported because of the height it provides, making it perfect for anyone with neck trouble. It can be rolled down to pack enormously well and it is more convenient than a standard neck pillow.

Steps For Selecting a Travel Neck Rest

When it comes to choosing a neck rest, we have listed the categories or features on which you should judge a neck rest:


Most of the time people have the tendency to overlook fabric while choosing a neck rest, but it is important that the material is soft and the design is easy to use. Fabric is the most important factor to look for to ensure comfort. Plastic inflatable neck rest can result in irritating your skin if used for long hours, so it’s important that the neck rest is made up of a fabric that is comfortable even in hot weather. Consider a material that is relevant and ideal in a hot and cold climate, so you won’t have to invest in two different neck rests.

Size & Weight

Travel neck rest comes in a range of size and weight, and when shopping online it can be difficult to choose the one which fits with your travel style. But you can always look for neck wraps that feature an adjustable contour fit which is lightweight and flexible if you want to travel light. Neck rest made of foam are ideal for light travel, keep in mind that it is important to make sure that the fastening can be customized according to your preference so there is enough room for you to breathe normally and feel comfortable. Most neck rests are made light anyway, but it is still an important factor in consideration. Considering the portability is also important as you can’t carry it everywhere with a separate bag.


If you are a frequent traveler, it is important that you find a durable neck rest. Buying a durable option ensures that you don’t have to invest again to buy a new neck rest every time you face any problem or each time you travel. With durability, you should also consider the value for money in mind with many different options and cost points available online. If you need neck rest frequently keeping aside that you have to travel then it will be a better investment to spend more on a durable one than to constantly replace.

Tip: Choose a neck rest that is washable and obviously make sure to read out the reviews online before opting for one.


You will require a neck rest that is firm enough to hold your head and provides consistent support to your neck. Memory foam is considered the firmest neck collars available in the market, they can be compressed and are generally recommended as the most comfortable collars as they can be molded to your neck’s shape. If you tend to lean forward while sleeping during your travels, neck collars can help you provide the kind of support you will need.

When it comes to buying neck rest for traveling, there are three important questions to consider when it comes to buying the best neck rest purchases:

● Is it portable?

● Is it comfortable?

● Is it supportive?

If you suffer from any neck or shoulder pain in general or on flights, try a superior neck rests like Caldera’s Releaf Neck Rest that includes all essential features and will fully support your neck. It's a worthy investment. Travel in comfort and arrive refreshed.

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