Treat Your Dog with a Comfortable Heating Pet Bed this Winter

Heating Pet Bed for winter season

One of the most basic and essential needs for our pups during the cold winter months is a warm, comfortable, dog bed. Although the aesthetics of dog beds have improved greatly over the years, looks alone aren’t enough when it comes to purchasing a winter bed for your dog. We're talking about a simple but highly practical bed that will solve the annual issue of our beloved dogs getting cold in the winter: A heating pad for your dog bed or a heated pet bed.

As a dog owner, it is our moral responsibility to take care of our dogs and make sure they feel warm and cozy during the cold winters. For starters, we can swap their regular beds with a heated pet bed for dogs, which has a built-in mechanism that creates warmth for your dog to feel comfortable. Or we can opt for a heating pad for the dog bed, which we can slide beneath the bed to make it warm.

Now how exactly this dog bed heating pad works, you may ask?

You may have heard of hot cold gel packs, which are effectively used as a substitute for ice packs and heat to treat swellings and muscle sprains. The quality packs can be found online, are easy to use and retain their heat over time. You simply put the gel pack in the microwave to heat up (as directed), and use it when it gets cold. Once it loses its warmth, you can microwave it again, and reuse it.

pet therapy gel pack

Heated pet beds use the same concept: there’s a set of pet therapy gel packs, which can be heated in a microwave to achieve the desired temperature. Once heated, you can slide the gel pack beneath the bed to make it warm. Because the gel pack is reusable and has the ability to be used as ice packs, you can use the same even in hot summers to make your dog’s bed cold enough to beat the heat.

The removable gel pack makes it easy to wash the dog bed, and you can even keep spare gel packs so that if a gel pack loses its warmth, you can use another one while the former is sent back to the microwave to reheat it.

Benefits of heating pads for pet beds

But the benefits of heating pads for dog beds are not limited to just making your beloved pooch all warm and cozy during the winters. They can also serve as therapeutic beds for old dogs and dogs recovering from injuries or surgeries. Dogs have a much shorter life span when compared to humans, and once they age, they need special care. Their weakened bones will make it difficult to be as active as they were when in their prime. Keep them happy and active with a quality, warm and comfortable bed. A dog bed with a heating pad can make a lot of difference to them. Heating pads have proven therapeutic benefits for the old and ageing, and the same goes for aging and older dogs.

Caldera Pet Bed & Insert video from Caldera International, Inc. on Vimeo.

You can either get a simple heated dog bed with heating pad, or just get a heating pad to be used in your existing dog bed. Because old dogs may need specialized beds such as memory foam beds or orthopedic beds, these beds often come equipped with a chamber to slide in a heating pad to make the bed warm.

No matter what the situation is, heated dog bed will always come in handy for your dog’s comfort needs, and the same bed are reusability as comfortable beds during hot summers means without the heat essentially providing two different benefits in just one product, and three if we count the therapeutic benefits for aging dogs. If you haven’t got a dog bed yet, get one for your dog today!

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