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Great product! We bought this for our dog that has ataxia to give her hips some more support. She seems to walk better with it on and does not fall as much


My German Shepard sprained his front leg. I applied this wrap to help immobilize that leg, and to help keep him more comfortable while he healed. It was easy to put on and use. My dog took to it quite well. He didn’t seem to mind having it on, so I think it did help with the pain and discomfort.


I ordered therapy gel from Caldera and I am happy to tell you that the product is safe and of high quality. I highly recommend this company to everyone


My favorite back heating and cold pads. Easy to reuse over and over. Find it works well for lower back


My daughter's poor little plugger has hip dysplasia on both sides, and this will really be helpful in alleviating the pain so he doesn't have to rely so much on medication


She likes to be outside, even in the hot summer months. Having cooling gel pads makes for a nice comfy day. We will definitely warm the gel pads for the cold months when we are outside and she wants to just be near us. She has been pushing for 15 years now, moves slowly but is a champ!

Parker-Moore Family

No mess, no fuss! I keep 2-3 freeze packs in the freezer at all times. the wrap has Velcro to keep the packs in holding on to them and no slipping. I purchased all the styles. Love it


Absolutely sensational!!!! Can use multi-packs to a single Caldera cold gel packs, can position it to be on any part of my knee. Also use this on my shoulder/side of neck



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