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    News — heated pet beds

    A Guide on Buying Heated Pet Bed for Dogs and Heated Pet Beds for Cats

    Heated Pet Beds


    We all keep many types of pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots and so on. Out of those all, cats and dogs are generally the biggest in size, and definitely require a specialized pet bed for themselves as a place to sleep. Sure, some owners don’t bother with a heated dog bed or heated pet bed for cats, but when the cold winter sets in and the chilly winds start to blow in and out the house via open windows and tiny gaps between the doors, the full extent of coldness that our beloved pets feel is well realized. That is why it is essential to get a heated pet bed no matter of you have a cat or a dog.

    Types of Heated Pet Beds

    If you start looking for heated pet beds to buy online, you may run into countless brands, variants and designs. These are just the exterior appearances; in reality, there are basically two types of heated pet beds. One of them is electrically heated pet beds. All you need to do is plug the power pins into the power socket, turn the thermostat on and the bed will warm itself automatically. These types of beds automatically adjust the heating depending on the thermostat temperature.

    Another type of heated pet bed, the safer one (for reasons that’ll be mentioned soon) is the microwavable gel-based heating beds. In this case, the beds come with a couple of removable, microwavable gel packs which are inserted beneath the bed. To make the bed warm, the gel packs are taken out from the bed and put in a microwave. You can easily set the temperature up to which you want to heat the pack. After it’s done, take it out, put it back inside the bed and let your pet lie down on it. No electricity is involved; all you need is a microwave oven and a bit of time to heat the gel packs.

    Benefits of Using Heated Gel Packs as Bed Warmers

    Now many will ponder as to why a pair of simple heated gel packs are better than a top-of-the-line electric heating bed with automatic temperature control and temperature sensor?

    Heated Pet Bed for Dogs

    The advantages are many:

    • Heated gel pack based beds don’t require continuous electricity to run. Sure, they require electricity in the microwave in order to get heated, but that’s it. No continuous flow of electricity, no dependency on power once the gel pack is heated.
    • Gel-based heated beds work like a mobile phone: charge them with heat, and easily move it around or put in a place with no power socket nearby. Electric beds are like a desktop computer or TV: they require a mandatory power socket nearby to plug in to be able to work.
    • Gel-based heating beds don’t have any moving parts or any wires. So they are perfect to leave your pet on all night while you go to sleep.
    • Gel-based heating beds are inexpensive, and the gel bars are easy to replace in case they go bad.
    • Gel bars can serve a different purpose during hot summers; providing cooling to your pets. All you have to do is refrigerate them and put it back into the bed. This way, they’ll serve your pets in both winter and summer seasons.

    Risks of Using Electric Beds

    There is always a risk factor involved in anything that uses direct power from the power sockets, and even more when pets are around the place.

    • Pets can accidentally chew the cables away, as they may not be aware that it is an electrical cable and result in them getting an electric shock. This makes it very dangerous around pets who are prone to chewing off anything they can find like young, hyperactive dogs.
    • If your dog gets wet outside and comes back to lie down in the electric heated bed, there may be a change of short circuiting of the bed or electrocuting. Of course, you can monitor the situation but this can happen even if the electric bed is not plugged to a wall socket.
    • Heat burns is also a real issue with heated pet beds. Most of the beds work on the basis of the surrounding temperature and automatically keep the bed temperature a few degrees higher. However, if the thermostat stops working or the sensor in the beds stop working, it can pose a critical risk of over-heating the bed, and probably leading to heat burns to your dog or cat.


    Even though with the risks, many owners prefer to use electrical heated pet beds because not many are aware of the existence of gel pack-based heating beds and where to buy it. If you are looking for a heated pet bed, you are better off buying gel pack based pet beds over electrical ones for your own safety and your pet’s safety.

    Treat Your Dog with a Comfortable Heating Pet Bed This Winter

    Heating Pet Bed for winter season

    Many of us who have pet dogs often forgo one of the most basic needs for our pooch during the cold, shivering winters: a warm, comfortable, dog bed. We are not talking about these fluffy dog beds and designer beds that are available in the market. We are talking about a simple but highly practical bed that will solve the annual issue of our beloved dogs getting cold in the frosty winter: A heating pad for your dog bed or a heated pet bed.

    While other regular, non-regulated beds may appear to be cozy enough for your dog, the latter may not be able to effectively communicate with you to convey the fact that they are feeling cold and would love to have a warmer bed. As a dog owner, it is our moral responsibility to take care of our dogs and make sure they feel warm and cozy during the cold winters. For starters, we can swap their regular beds with a heated pet bed for dogs, which has an inbuilt mechanism that creates warmth for your dog to feel comfortable. Or we can opt for a heating pad for the dog bed, which we can slide beneath the bed to make it warm.

    Now how exactly this dog bed heating pad works, you may ask?

    You may have heard of instant gel packs, which are effectively used as a substitute for ice packs to treat swellings and muscle sprains. These are readily available online for purchase, and can be made ready to use fairly quickly. You simply have to put the gel pack in the refrigerator, and use it when it gets cold. Once it loses its warmth, you can refrigerate it again, and reuse it.

    pet therapy gel pack

    Heated pet beds use the same concept: there’s a set of pet therapy gel packs, which can be heated in a microwave to achieve the desired temperature. Once heated, you can slide the gel pack beneath the bed to make it warm. Because the gel pack is reusable and has the ability to be used as ice packs, you can use the same even in hot summers to make your dog’s bed cold enough to beat the heat.

    The removable gel pack makes it easy to wash the dog bed, and you can even keep spare gel packs so that if a gel pack loses its warmth, you can use another one while the former is sent back to the microwave to reheat it.

    Benefits of heating pads for pet beds

    But the benefits of heating pad for dog beds are not limited to just making your beloved pooch all warm and cozy during the winters. They can also serve as therapeutic beds for old dogs and dogs recovering from injuries or surgeries. Dogs have a much shorter life span when compared to humans, and once they age, they need special care. Their weakened bones will make it difficult to be hyperactive as they were when in their prime, so all they need is a good, warm and comfortable bed to rest their tired joints. A dog bed with a heating pad can make a lot of difference to them, and they’d be thankful for the same. Heating pads have proven therapeutic benefits for the old and ageing, and the same goes for old dogs.

    Caldera Pet Bed & Insert video from Caldera International, Inc. on Vimeo.

    You can either get a simple heated dog bed with heating pad, or just get a heating pad to be used in your existing dog bed. Because old dogs may need specialized beds such as memory foam beds or orthopedic beds, these beds often come equipped with a chamber to slide in a heating pad to make the bed warm.

    No matter what the situation is, heated dog bed will always come in handy for your dog’s comfort needs, and their reversal reusability as cold beds during hot summers means you get two different benefits in just one product, and three if we count the therapeutic benefits for ageing dogs. If you haven’t got a dog bed yet, get one for your dog today!



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