How Heated Pet Beds For Dogs Are Useful in Winters

Winters is a perfect cozy time to wrap up in our blankets, pull out the wool socks and cuddle up by the fireplace. Our loyal companions don’t want to miss out on all that coziness either in the winter. And when it comes to pets, one of the misconceptions regarding their safety in winter is that once they grow their natural fur, they have everything they need to survive the cold months. It won’t provide enhanced protection. So it is essential to warm up your pup with a cozy heated pet bed specifically made for dogs and you can add a perfect blanket along with it if need be.

heated pet beds for dogs

Will your Pets Fur keep them warm enough?

Pets that live mainly outdoors or spends most of their time outdoors such as in their outdoor dog house, a barn, or a chilly basement they can benefit from a warm heated pet bed. While their fur acts as insulation on mild days it's not sufficient during the cooler or cold months. On the days that are particularly cold or when the temperatures sink below zero- their furs or blankets will only offer a minimal level of warmth. Odds are, your pet will still feel the chill.

How about chilly winds and snow? Will their fur be able to keep those out? Well, it can but only to an extent. For instance, your dog likes to play around in the snow for an extended period of time, then the snow can dampen their fur which leads to a wet coat of fur.

So what do we recommend at Caldera? Limit the amount of time your pet spends in cold weather. You as a dog owner are probably left wondering how to keep them warm in the winter. The answer is a good quality outdoor heated bed that is made of durable material, like Cordura Nylon, which is water, chew and scratch-resistant. Make sure your pets have access to their shelter in your house and not outside- say a shelter or dog house which is equipped with their essentials like their toys and a heating pad or a heated pet bed. Though the use of heated pet beds for dogs is not only limited to outdoor, it is also suitable for year-round use inside the house. When you do get outside in the snow ensure you towel off your pet to ensure they don't then get a chill or cold from now also being wet before heading inside.

What About Dogs With Short and Fine Hair?

Breeds with short or fine hair that are more susceptible to the cold and may appreciate a warm bed for the winter. Some are small breeds, for instance, Chihuahuas- these breeds especially love to cuddle up in warm spots.

Regardless of the breed, age, size, and fur; the best dog beds keep your pup as cozy as you are and they come in a range of styles and sizes. Heated dog beds can make the life of your furry friends- dogs easier in the coldest months, always be careful while choosing a pet bed if your dog is older or has mobility concerns which brings us to the next point.

For Old Dogs

For senior dogs or dogs with achy joints, getting down on the floor can be very painful. As they age they sometimes develop joint pain and arthritis and added to the winter chilled weather can result in more issues and become more painful for them in this situation.

Moreover, issues like arthritis and joint pain are often difficult to identify in animals as they develop very slowly and they tend not to complain or show any symptoms until it is quite bad.

All of this can exacerbate when your dog has to spend a long period of time lying in the same position on a cold floor. A perfect way to ease your pet’s aches and pains and make them feel more comfortable is by providing a warm environment and heated bedding.

Heated beds radiate warmth back to your pet as they lie in their happy place and you can top it with a soft fleece blanket to keep them more warm and comfortable. The heated pads can be added or removed wherever it is required to ensure your dog is both warm and comfortable.

Keep in mind that, if your dog can’t move easily or is susceptible to burns or overheating, it is necessary to keep an eye on them and consult your vet first if you are worried about their ability to handle a heated dog bed.

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Their Bedding?

Placing The Bed

Whether the bed you choose is small or large, take a look at where you are going to place the bed. For extra comfort, dog owners can simply add a pillow and blankets around or under to avoid making the bottom of the bed cold when in touch with tiles and floor. Put the bed in a place where your dog can get on and get off with little exertion.

Make Sure it Remains Dry

This is eventually the most important part when placing the bedding, make sure that the bed does not come in contact with rain or snow and does not become damp in any way. Another thing you need to make sure is that the bed remains warm and is not too hot for them to handle, perhaps warmer than usual. The point is to just make sure your pet does not burn their skin on an exposed heating pad. So buy a bed which has suitable protection.


Try to add plenty of blankets if they are completely new to their personal space, try to hang with them for a few days where you have placed their beds, so they get comfortable. Beds with removable gel packs are the way to go as these are safe to use and give great comfort.

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