Therapy Wraps

Caldera's innovative Therapy Wraps help provide relief for muscles and joints that are aching or sore due to chronic pain, surgery, sports-related injuries, post-workout fatigue, and various other ailments.

Each wrap includes reusable gel packs that can be removed from the wrap and placed in the freezer or microwave and a compression strap for customizable therapy for aches and pains. Caldera’s proprietary gel formula will deeply penetrate, providing hot or cold therapy to help relieve pain and treat specific injuries quickly. From our Back & Ribs Therapy Wrap to the Universal Therapy Wrap, Caldera has a comprehensive solution to address all injury prevention and recovery needs.

Use a Caldera Therapy Wrap right out of the freezer or heat it to your ideal temperature before wrapping it around and securing it with adjustable Velcro straps for long-lasting comfort. It can also be used on the go to help manage your daily aches and pains. To alternate between hot and cold therapy, additional Therapy Gel packs are also available.

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