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    News — sports wrap offers online

    Everything You Need to Know About Deals and Offers at Caldera Premium Outlet Sale

    Everyone loves a good sale, whether it is for buying expensive items at lowered prices or nominally priced items at even lower prices. For many customers, the benefits of sales are calculated by how much they managed to save per purchase, whereas for some it is about how much they can buy with their set budget. No matter what the reason or approach is, sales are always attractive for customers, and we at Caldera International welcome you to our very first sale of 2020!


    Caldera has been a long-time provider of temperature-controlled wraps such as body wraps, sports wraps and therapy wraps for all kinds of personal and professional use. We also sell pet care products that are derived from our original range of products, such as pet wraps, pet therapy wraps and heated beds for pets. In this sale, we chose to list out some of our popular product ranges so that you can get a deal on our best selling items. We have sports wraps offers online, best pet bed offers of 2020, best neck rest deals online and many more in the sub-categories. Here are some brief descriptions of our products that are on sale right now:


    30% Off On Our Entire Range of Pet Beds



    Unlike most pet bed shops that focus more on style and less on functionality, we do the exact opposite; our main focus is on functionality while keeping things minimal and practical. Our pet bed offers for 2020 pertains to our entire pet bed product range being available at 30% off, which is arguably our biggest discount we have ever offered on pet beds. We understand that this year has been quite cold in many parts of the country, hence big pets such as dogs will get colder as opposed to previous years. This has resulted in many pet owners scrambling for good deals on pet beds online, especially on heated pet beds. Not all sites sell unique gel-based heated beds as we do; most of them sell electric pet beds, which are quite unsafe for obvious reasons such as dependency on power and possible electric shocks. Our range of pet beds makes use of removable gel packs that can be individually heated and can be carried anywhere without dependency on electricity. The beds are also designed to be chew-proof at the edges and comfortable for taking naps any time of the day. Taking 30% off the listed price is the icing on the cake, giving you the best possible deal at this time of the year.


    Lowered Prices for Our XT-360 Sports Wraps



    Among all wraps that we sell, our XT-360 is one of the bestselling items due to the sheer convenience it brings. XT-360 can wrap completely around the affected area, covering every inch of the body surface for a complete healing effect. Although XT-360 wraps can be applied universally in most of the cases, we sell them in four variants for ease of use for our valued customers. Our XT-360 range consists of the following variants:


    • Back and ribs 360 wrap
    • Shoulder and hip 360 wrap
    • Ankle, foot and elbow 360 wrap
    • Leg, arm, and groin 360 wrap


    Each of these wraps is tailored to the specific body parts as mentioned so that they can completely engulf the affected area for which they are designed. The prices at which we sell these are already great deals on their own, but we decided to sweeten the deal by bringing down the price on these four variants of XT-360 body wraps by offering a limited-time deal. All our wraps come with a hot and cold gel pack, meaning you can use your freshly delivered wrap right away!


    Factory Seconds Product Deals



    Caldera prides itself on offering the best quality products with no faults to our customers, but that does not mean that we don’t end up with faulty products at times. Our stringent quality control methods during the production process ensure that any kind of product, even with minimal defects such as stitching defects, uneven size, incorrect dimensions or cosmetic flows, is ousted from the main stock that we sell online on our website. However, instead of completely discarding them, we have decided to offer those for a discounted price on our website under a different listing category. These items are still safe for use, for we don’t sell unsafe or hazardous items, so you can have the opportunity to buy a slightly imperfect product at a heavily discounted price of 50% to 80% off on the list price of its regular variant. These deals are subjected to the first-come-first-serve basis and are subjected to change depending on what we decide to sell. Plus, these items are not eligible for warranty or return policies that we offer on regular items.



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